"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.

I’ll meet you there."



to serenity

A holiday hub

by friends for friends -

A place where you can just "be" 

Revive - revitalise - re-energise in Pelion 

Immerse Yourself In Unspoiled Nature

Relax, Recharge And Reconnect With Your Best Self Through Authentic Community


Hi, I'm Silvia.

I'd like to invite you to share the magic of "my Pelion"

There is something magical about this land. Just being here you can feel its healing effects. I have been coming to this unique area of Northern Pelion for the past eight years and each time I experienced a remarkable increase in my life energy.

No wonder that Pelion is home of Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, healer for Immortals and mortals alike. 

Greek mythology has it that the Gods of Olympus holidayed in Pelion in the summer.


Pelion has become my home every summer now - and I would like to extend my invitation to like-minded people - come and enjoy some nurturing time out and away. I can be your host or help you find your ideal accommodation and together with a small group show you the many hidden gems this magical land has to offer.  

Simple Authentic living

A holiday hub for spontaneous community

I am here to hold a creative, nurturing space, a holiday hub for a spontaneous community of friends to share the richness of this wonderful place with, enjoy each others' company, based on mindfulness, compassion and with an open-hearted communication.

Whether you travel alone but would rather spend your holiday with like-minded new friends, or you're going through a difficult time and wish for a warm and supportive environment to just be,  an escape to Pelion is good for body, mind and spirit at all times!

If this sounds like it could be for you simply get in touch. 


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